CCRE is Crestone Commercial Real Estate, a division of Crestone Companies and in partnership with Haugan-Nelson Realty of Watertown, SD.

Crestone Companies vision is to be the choice in South Dakota for all commercial real estate, real estate development, management, and investment opportunities. We actively invest in all types of commercial and residential opportunities. 

Check out our properties that are available. We’d like to dream with you, so let us help you with your vision as we build community with each and every project. 


1350 sq ft 4 East Kemp
2 East Kemp, Level 2 Office Spaces
2853 sq ft 121 East Kemp
2161 sq ft 8 East Kemp
1035 sq ft 6 East Kemp
2102 sq ft 2 East Kemp
400 sq ft 1 West Kemp #300-315
297 sq ft 1 West Kemp #201
1022 sq ft 7 West Kemp
922 sq ft 9 West Kemp

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Your Crestone Commercial Real Estate Team

Todd Syhre

Todd Syhre

Vice President of Real Estate and Development

Julie Knutson
Julie Knutson

Commercial Leasing Director

Joe Quinn
Joe Quinn

Director of Real Estate Development