The measure of intelligence is the ability to change

By Eric Skott, President/Owner, Crestone Companies
August 1, 2020

The title of this article was not my doing. It was a quote I found from Albert Einstein. When I first read the quote, I wondered how I would be measured and if the measuring stick equates to a positive form of intelligence. Because anyone that knows me, knows I embrace change. I thrive on it. So is Einstein implying that if you have the ability to change, that you are intelligent? Or if you thrive on change, you might be considered not so intelligent? No matter how you interpret it, I think we can all agree that in life, change is imminent. In fact, in the construction business change is what drives our business, for obvious reasons.

The point of this ranting is to write about the change you are seeing within Crestone. We’ve been “Crestone Builders” since I started the company in 2006. I had a vision then of what I wanted the company to look like. But as time has rolled on, that vision has evolved. It’s evolved to the point where we need to brand ourselves as the bigger company we are and plan for the future and more change.

In strategic planning sessions, we agreed that just being called “builders” doesn’t completely define who we are. Yes, in the overall scheme of everything we do, we build. But what do we build?  We build everything. Commercial projects include new restaurants, we lay concrete for new roads, we restore and remodel old and new buildings. We build homes for families. The list can get a little long. We are also developers. We like to dream, create visions for the communities we serve. That could be a new neighborhood in a part of your city, an apartment building or revitalizing a part of a downtown.

We also like to help build things by giving back to our communities. Whether that means helping build a “Noah’s Ark” playset to raise money for Make-A-Wish or helping our partners in business keep their doors open during the Covid-19 pandemic. Giving back is a key strategic initiative for us.

While we are “builders” of many things, we believe we need to brand ourselves just a bit different and truly clarify who we are because we believe we are many things to many people. With that, we give birth to “Crestone Companies” and our three divisions, “Builders, Homes and Real Estate & Development.” Our vision is to continue to invest and grow our company. We want to best serve our people, our clients, and our communities. We want to provide opportunities to those that also believe in our vision by providing investment opportunities in current and future projects.

We are thankful and grateful for all that we have accomplished in our short time. Time to get back to dreaming…and changing.